guy walking with surfboard down malibu beach at sunset

Best Surf in Malibu

Zuma Beach
One of the longest surfing beaches in the state of California, Zuma Beach is less than a 5 minute drive.
Hotel June Tip: Skip the fees and park for free alongside the PCH. After surfing, head to Lily’s to grab one of their famous burritos.

Surfrider Beach

The most popular surf spot in Malibu with a long right hand break. Located between the Malibu Pier and the Malibu Lagoon.
Hotel June Tip: After surfing, head on over to Malibu Burger Co. for Malibu’s best breakfast sandwich.

County Line

Located alongside the Malibu/Ventura County line, this is another of Malibu’s iconic surf breaks. This spot has two surfable areas: The Point, consisting of mainly rights and the beachbreak, is more popular with shortboarders. Do we have that second spot? The beach break is the second spot
Hotel June Tip: Arrive early as it can get crowded on the weekends. Across the street is Neptune’s Net – a famous spot for weekend bikers and fried seafood.

Surf & Paddleboard Lessons
One of Malibu’s best kept secrets, Bruce is Lululemon’s go-to instructor for local paddleboard and surf lessons. He has access to some of the finest beaches, and is an expert on the best breaks. Pricing: $100 per hour, per person. Wetsuits and boards included.

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