Wellness event at Caravan Swim Club

Wellness Series with RVIVL

Playa Vista fitness recovery studio RVIVL is a destination for overall wellbeing and optimized health, home to a range of restorative modalities including cold plunges, red light therapy, infrared sauna, compression boots, and vitamin IVs.

 In the spirit of a new season, we were pleased to host RVIVL for an immersive day of wellness at Hotel June, including poolside yoga and cold plunges—with our guests learning more about the benefits of ice baths as a tool for supporting lowered inflammation, metabolism boosting, post-exercise recovery, and overall well being.

RVIVL will return to Hotel June with a wellness series on March 23, and April 20—with a HIIT class by Training Mate followed by guided cold plunges with the RVIVL team. The event will also feature post-workout refreshments from Zero Proofed, full-body deodorant sprays by Sweaty B, and a permanent jewelry pop-up by Link x Lou.

Discover more in our conversation with RVIVL founder, Ken Silver.

Can you describe the services and amenities available at RVIVL Studio?

RVIVL is a fitness recovery studio.  We offer ice baths, infrared saunas, red light therapy, compression boots, vitamin IVs, vitamin shots, and NAD+.  There are so many benefits to these practices—including naturally decreasing inflammation, improving blood circulation & metabolism, boosting the immune system, stimulating muscle growth & recovery, and increasing collagen production. Our goal is to help you recover faster from your workouts and feel like the absolute best version of yourself.

Tell us more about the benefits of a cold plunge in an ice bath following a workout.

There are so many benefits from doing a cold plunge after a workout, like reducing inflammation, improving metabolism, increasing recovery time for sore muscles, better circulation, and enhancing the immune system.  It also helps with reducing stress & anxiety and promotes higher quality sleep!

Can you share some tips for those trying an ice bath for the first time?

We recommend starting slow, working your way up to three minutes in the cold water.  We also offer breathwork at the studio for all of our members and for anyone who stops in for a cold plunge.

For first timers, we guide guests through a 3-5 minute practice of Wim Hof breathing followed by 5-10 seconds in the cold plunge. Over the course of a few weeks we increase this time incrementally until the individual reaches that three-minute goal.

It’s such an amazing experience to see people hop out of the cold water after three minutes—shivering but with a big smile on their face.  I have to say one of the most rewarding things about doing what we do at RVIVL is helping people overcome that initial fear and anxiety of a cold plunge.

For guests arriving in Los Angeles from their travels, which services do you recommend to help them with jet lag or to help their bodies recover faster?

If you are flying into Los Angeles, we definitely recommend doing the RVIVLIST IV: our RVIVLIST IV offers hydration and powerful vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C, B12, Zinc, and Magnesium to help your body as it adjusts to the time change. IV fluids go right to the bloodstream for fast, maximum absorption, and are designed to boost the immune system with essential nutrients to support overall wellbeing during travel. It’s also not a bad idea to get an IV before your flight as well!

How do you see fitness recovery services evolving? Any new offerings from RVIVL that we should look forward to?

The support, research, books, podcasts, and expertise surrounding these modalities is only growing—it’s obvious that this is not a trend but the real key to longevity and feeling your best.

Wellness modalities will continue to evolve and our goal at RVIVL will be to make them accessible to everyday people, and not just professional athletes.



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