Malibu Pier

The Iconic Malibu Pier

Nestled along the stunning Southern California coastline, the Malibu Pier is a testament to the region’s rich history and coastal beauty. The iconic pier has withstood the test of time while evolving into a vibrant modern destination, offering an array of experiences for both locals and travelers. From strolls along the waterfront to pier fishing to relishing in the beauty of the Pacific, discover some of the experiences & activities awaiting your next visit. 


Malibu Farm

A favorite dining destination featuring an oceanside patio & bar, organic & locally-sourced cuisine, fresh juices, and hand-crafted cocktails.

Malibu Farm Cafe

Located at the end of Malibu Pier, stop into the mid-century cafe for seasonal & local fare to enjoy al fresco—we love grabbing a seat on the deck to watch the surfers and dolphins at First Point. They also offer to-go cocktails from their pop-up bar, perfect for sipping while watching the sunset.

Fishing on the Pier

Since 1938, Malibu Pier has been a hotspot for fishing enthusiasts, offering year-round catches and peak summer halibut fishing. 

The Ranch at the Malibu Pier

Find surfing necessities, beloved beach items, fishing bait & tackle, and rustic ranch-inspired goods at this diverse boutique on the pier.


Regarded as Los Angeles’ premier surfing destination, Malibu Surf Point sits adjacent to Malibu Pier and is considered a haven for catching consistent, high-quality waves—and is suitable for all skill levels.

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Malibu Pier
Malibu Pier
Malibu Pier
Malibu Pier

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