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9 Undeniably Cool Retro Hotels

Though the ’50s and ’60s have long passed, retro hotels across the country keep the spirit of the atomic age alive and thriving. Born from decades defined by new ideologies, a booming economy, and impressive structural innovations, the period presented a new style in American history—one not based on reviving aesthetics of the past, but rather looking firmly towards the future. It’s for these reasons that retro motels are so much more than just kitschy roadside destinations: They’re portals to a distinct moment in design history. From a reimagined airport terminal to a Route 66 rest stop, AD visits nine endlessly cool and effortlessly fun retro hotels.


Hotel June Malibu

Nestled beneath the crest of a hill just off of the legendary Pacific Coast Highway sits Hotel June Malibu. Once called the Malibu Riviera Motel, this boutique spot was one of the first hospitality offerings in the area. It was also where Bob Dylan wrote most of the material for his critically acclaimed 15th studio album, Blood on the Tracks. In 2015, Gary Wilcox, whose parents founded the inn, sold the historic bungalow-style property to a group of boutique hoteliers. In 2021, Hotel June opened its doors, offering a contemporary spin on the coastal hideaway.

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Hotel June Malibu lobby
Hotel June Malibu bungalow
Hotel June Malibu Pool

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